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Do you want to become rich, wealthy and successful for your family, to have money for everything you need, everything you want? Do you want to become wealthy so you can travel the world and have a life you’ve always dreamed about?

If you want to become rich fast, it’s not easy, better focus on building a successful business online or offline. Join online training programs or go to Live events and meet self-made millionaires, learn how to follow in their footsteps and become rich, wealthy and successful like them. The fastest way to success is to copy somebody who’s already done it.

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London, United Kingdom
17th-18th February 2018 (Saturday-Sunday)


Learn how to start a business or take your existing business to the next level using the most powerful internet strategies. Learn how to build a web based business that will give you more time, more assets and the confidence to get started even with no experience.
2-day live event in London, UK that will teach you how anyone can start a business on a side without having to leave your current job.


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If you want to become an entrepreneur and start a business on the side, visit the link below, log in with Facebook button and you will get instant access to the hundreds of hours worth of video training.


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Is there anything more important in your life than knowing how to make your dreams come true? You don’t want to spend your life working just to pay bills. You want to live and enjoy all that life has to offer! Don’t wait for someone else to make you rich – it’s not going to happen! If you want to become wealthy, commit to yourself to making changes in your life NOW. Learn from self-made millionaires, ordinary people who once were just like you. Make changes in your life now!


You Only Have $5. What is the Best Way to Invest and Grow your Money?

dream big
The following answer by Visakan Veerasamy found in Quora teaches you how you can grow your money when you only have $5.

I remember reading Tina Sellig’s (executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program) book –  What I wish I knew when I was 20. (I don’t know Tina, though I wish I did, and I love her book.)

She gave her students the exact same problem. Here are her words, with my emphasis. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, just skim and read the words in bold.

“What would you do to earn money if all you had was five dollars and two hours?” This is the assignment I gave students in one of my classes at Stanford University, as part of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program… Continue reading

How to Become Rich With No Money?

Many want to know how to get rich with no money. Is that possible?
Read a story of Rob Moore, self made millionaire.

So How to Become Rich With No Money?

Rob Moore is a self made Property businessman owning a multi-million business portfolio, full time Property Investor & Best selling author of “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets” & “Make Cash in a Property Market Crash.”
He has educated over 52,000 people on Property *LIVE* on stage business, property & personal development, & has over 100,000 people who subscribe to his Property Education.

This is his story:

Six years ago I was £30,000 in debt.

By today’s standards that doesn’t sound like a lot, but that was all on credit cards and a car loan [I had sold the car to pay the interest on the credit cards and bought a push bike – so no longer had the car!].
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How To Become Rich & Famous – Become A Model

Become rich and young age

Would you like to become rich and famous at young age?

Fashion industry is always looking for new faces so anyone can become rich and famous at young age by becoming a model.

A lot of people want to be a model because it’s glamorous, besides super models can make as much as $30,000 a day (most models earn far less). You have to meet certain requirements, and the amount of money you make depends on many factors (looks, personality, age, experience).

Become rich & famousa Runway Model

A runway model could be paid by hour or a flat rate for the entire event. The annual salary of a top runway or print model can exceed $500,000, but the average wage for a female runway model can range from $ 250 -$1,000 an hour per runway walk.

Become rich & famousa Print Model

Consider getting some professional shots taken and put everything into a portfolio, or “book.” Bring this portfolio with you to castings or to modeling agencies.

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